Zouk-Lambada in Israel

Zouk Lambada Classes in Tel Aviv

Zouk and Lambada, are synonymous to a very sensual, and smooth Brazilian couples dance. My name is Leon, and I can teach you how to dance Zouk Lambada starting from the first step. You do not need any previous experience. You do not need a dance partner. What you must have, is some free time and energy, and I will do the rest!

What is Zouk?

(from WikiPedia)
Leon and Kim ZoukZouk-Lambada (also called Lambada-Zouk or Brazilian Zouk) is a group of closely related dance styles based on or evolved from the lambada dance style and is typically danced to zouk music or other music containing the zouk beat. The name Brazilian Zouk is used to distinguish the dance from the Caribbean Zouk dance style, which is historically related to, but very different from the Lambada dance style. The two dominant styles of Zouk-Lambada are the Porto-Seguro style and the Rio-style. The most widespread style of Lambada is the Porto-Seguro style. It is mainly danced in North-East Brazil (Porto Seguro), Argentina, Spain, the UK, the west coast of the US, and Israel. The Porto-Seguro style is very close to the original old Lambada Dance

Happy Hanukkah from the ‘Zouk Brazil’ team

2 December 2010

May the light always shine upon your path!
Happy hanukkah!

Leon, Moran, and Ishay.

Zouk-Lambada Saturdays at ArtNFight academy, are now moving to Thursdays

17 November 2010

Zouk-Lambada Saturdays at ArtNFight academy, are now moving to Thursdays!!
From now on, no more waiting until Saturday!!!

The new schedule for the classes are as follows:
Instead of a one-hour class, the class will be an hour-and-a-half!!!
Starting at 9:30PM until 11PM

Opening Party at the ArtNFight Academy, Saturday July 31st!

25 July 2010

Hey everyone!
On Saturday, July 31st, there will be a special Brazilian party at the ArtNFight Academy in Florentin.
Live Brazilian music (live band), DJ, Shows and demonstrations of all the Arts – Martial and Dance
Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, M.M.A, Zouk Lambada, Samba, and more!
There is no cover charge!
I’ll demonstrate a Zouk coreography with Jasmin
Ishay and Moran will [...]

Regular Zouk classes starting Saturday July 3rd

18 June 2010

Starting July 3rd I will teach regular Zouk Lambada classes at the “ArtNFight” studios in Florentin, Tel Aviv.
21:00 until 22:15 – Beginners class
22:15 until 22:30 – Fifteen minutes for practicing
22:30 until 23:45 – Advanced Class
21:00 until 22:00 – Beginner/Intermediate Class
22:00 until 02:00 – Zouk Lambada Party
for details about the studio go to http://www.artnfight.co.il

2nd LambaZouk London Dance Congress

17 June 2010

30, 31st of July and 1st of August 2010
Via Giovanni Ferrari:
The Congress:
We are very pleased to invite all of you to participate at the 2nd Brazilian Dance Congress in London.
London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and it is also the only one to offer 4 lambadazouk [...]

Congratulations to Team Brazil for their win last night

16 June 2010

2:1 Against North Korea! Way to go.
Very good first game.
Got to start slow and conserve the energy for the final stages!

Zouk classes starting in two weeks

14 June 2010

The new studio is being renovated as we speak, and the renovations should be completed in the coming week. Regular Zouk-Lambada classes and parties are about to start! We will all need to work very hard to learn and grow! Quality lessons, with quality teachers! I’m very excited about this!

Zouk Lambada workshop in Eilat

2 June 2010

I will teach a workshop at the “Caliente Festival” in Eilat between the 10th and 12th of June!
The workshop is for beginners/intermediate level. Stay tuned for more info!

Zouk show with Jasmin

1 June 2010

A Zouk show at Parnas’ batizado in Petach-Tikva!

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